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Thanks for stepping into the UA Books World.

Here we are transforming young children from reluctant readers into happy book lovers. And we are doing that by introducing them to the concept of reading for the pure joy of reading, and nothing else. As ardent book lovers, we know there can be nothing more powerful l than the power of the written word. And we are using that power by creating wonderful, interesting and captivating stories that talk to our young children.

Our generation was a lucky one. We spent our childhood immersed in creative imaginations and stories that took us on mysterious adventures. Lost in a jungle of modern gadgets and Internet mayhem, we believe our young children are missing out on a big part of their childhood memories. Through UA Books, we are trying to rectify that.

Our aim is to make books a household commodity. We are excited to create stories and produce books that motivate the kids into taking the book down from the shelf, and reading it. We are doing that by inviting lots and lots of new writers to come write for us. We know how creative and stimulating a child’s imagination can be, and we want to keep producing stories to satisfy their curious minds. For that, we constantly need new ideas and themes to work on.

Our team of expert writers and literary professionals is all ready to help budding and aspiring writers convert their seed of an idea into a complete book. We also welcome writers that have already written their story and just want to get it published. In addition to publishing and consultation, we also provide editorial services for writers so they can spend their energies on creative endeavors, leaving the nitty-gritty to us.

Our online bookstore helps us market and advertise our writers with effective strategies, helping us reach a wider audience in a short time. Our online bookstore has a huge collection of Urdu fiction, children books and cookbooks. From writing to selling, we are striving to make books easily accessible, at inexpensive prices and with high quality standards that are our vision.

An enthusiastic response from our worldwide distributors in Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, UAE, Belgium and Vietnam, helping us go global. And we are taking you with us. Join us in our cause to revive children literature in Pakistan and prepare a visionary, courageous and strong future generation.

Welcome to UA Books, and happy reading!


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