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Umera Ahmed is one of the most widely-read and popular urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era. She was born on december 10, 1976. She belongs to the renowned city of Sialkot. Umera Ahmed completed her masters in English literature from Murray College,Sialkot. Later she became an English language lecturer for the students of O and A levels at Army Public College,Sialkot. However she left the job a few years back in order to devote her full attention to writing.

She began her writing career in 1998 at a quite young age. Her initial stories were published in monthly urdu digests and later came out in the form of books. She has written about 16 books , comprising of complete novels and compilations of short stories. However it was her novel “Peer-e-Kaamil (S.A.W.W)” which became her identity.

Umera Ahmed earned a big name in showbiz industry as well in a very short span of time. Many of her novels like Man-o-Salwa, Lahasil, Amar Bail, Husna Aur Husn Ara, Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Darbar-e-Dil, Thora Sa Asmaan, Mein Ney Khwabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai, Daam and Sauda have been adapted by television and aired by different tv channels. Whereas her other tv plays like Uraan, Qaid-e-Tanhai, The Ghost are based on her scripts. Her plays have been as much of a success as her novels, as they are watched by the families together.
Her works depicts her pragmatic and mature approach . Her stories revolves around many social, domestic and spiritual issues; comprising colours of true love, friendship,suspense and tragedy. What differentiates her from others is her dynamism, resourcefulness and ambition of bringing to light certain controversial issues . Her admirers include people from all categories: students, housewives and professionals, who find themselves reflected by some character or other.

Successful Ventures

She has written many original screenplays, as well as adap-tations  of  her  original  novels into  screenplays.  Her  novels like  Darbar-e-Dil,  LaHaasil, Amar    Bail,    Man-o-Salwa, Main ne Khawabon ka Shajar Dekha   Hai  (Doraha),   Thoda sa Aasman,  and  Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan,which were adapted  for  TV  serials  have won  her   multiple  awards  for the best writer. Her original screenplays   include   success-ful ventures  like  Wujood-e-Laraib, Malaal, Uraan, Wapsi, and  The Ghost.  Wujood-e-Laraib was her first original screenplay, and won her an award for the best writer.

On the contrast, very few popular fiction writers can claim to have a life altering influence on their readers

– something which Umera Ahmed can rightly claim

But awards are something that many writers can claim of winning; ‘bestseller’ also rep- resents a figure of x million copies of a work sold. On the contrast, very few popular fiction writers can claim to have a life altering influence on their readers – something which Umera Ahmed can rightly claim. It is her unique, upfront and proactive approach towards some very sensitive topics in Pakistani society that is behind her phenomenal success. She dissects issues that no one even dares to breathe about. She has her own stance and view on all aspects of life – and she doesn’t hesitate to open her reader’s eyes to this new vision.

She   enjoys  the unequivocal loyalty of her fans, and feels humbled by the blessings of  Allah and Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH). She has experienced an     unparalleled success among her peers, and has only been humble and matured by it. She is at the prime of her career, and for the talent like hers, the sky is merely another step.

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  • Alina Rehman July 8, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    You are my favorite writer

  • Ayesha Baig April 7, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    Is it possible to read your screenplays?
    Thanks so much

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