Husna aur Husn Ara

There is a whole lot of gory history behind the creation of Pakistan. This is the only country in the World which was founded on the basis of an Ideology. It was created as the last resort of survival for Muslims of subcontinent. It is also the sole country whose population is dangerously indifferent towards it and lacks the ownership required of their homeland. 15 August/Muthi bhar mitti is a bitter portrayal of this general apathy. This emotionally sublime story narrates the life of a family who sacrificed their honor, property and lives for the sake of a separate homeland. They abandoned everything, migrated to Pakistan and rebuilt their shattered lives starting from scratch. While there is a gradual paradigm shift in the thought process of the next generation regarding the loyalty and ownership, we still find a few patriots sacrificing their lives for their beloved motherland. 15 August introduces us to moments that are bone chilling and force us to reflect on our shortcomings and selfishness as citizens. Focusing on the 2 nation theory, it tries to wake us from our immoral slumber and realize the true value of our country.

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Husna aur Husn Ara

Husna or HusnAra draws a beautiful parallel between a noble maiden and a prostitute. It exposes the so called mentality of our society that compartmentalizes people according to their backgrounds and doesn’t provide any prospect of repentance. Husn Ara is a prostitute who has begged Sufi Sahib to provide her a shelter, in the name of Nikah. Sufi Sahib is a 60 year old happily married man, with a daughter Husna who is same age as HusnAra. Dilshad, Sufi sahib’s wife is justifiably devastated and angry at the same time. Her displeasure magnifies when Husn Ara’s identity is revealed to her accidently. She protests to Sufi sahib and tries to keep her daughter away from HusnAra as much as she can. She wants Husna to get married as soon as possible and for this reason; Akbar their neighbor is the prospective candidate. A few months after HusnAra’s dramatic entry in their lives, Husna is married to Akbar. Dilshad’s satisfaction is shattered when she notices subtle yet enticing signals between HusnAra and Akbar. She is extremely worried and shares her concern with Sufi sahib. He doesn’t listen to her and life goes on until, one day HusnAra is caught red handed with Akbar. Sufi sahib is shocked, while Dilshad is happy as the incidence validates her allegations. HusnAra flees with Husna’s jewelry leaving Akbar waiting for her. Akbar comes back ashamed and accepts that they were eloping together. Everything comes back to routine until one day Husna shocks her parents with the truth that all this drama was pre planned and in fact HusnAra has saved her marriage and tried to repay Sufi sahib’s favor by sacrificing her own happiness, by taking all the blame.

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