Author: Umera Ahmed

Alif is Umera Ahmed’s latest novel,

The  story takes place in a beautiful hilltop town of Turkey. This story is about an eight year old boy who dreams of the whirling dervish every night. Filled with his dreams and unanswered questions, he writes to Allah Almighty every day. On his way to school, he drops his letters in his mailbox, expecting immediate replies filled with answers. But the boy is disappointed every day. Allah never sends him a reply back. Deeply sad and dejected, he vows never to write Allah Almighty another letter.

But, as is usual, the very day he makes this promise, Allah Almighty writes him back! When he comes back home that day, there is a letter from Allah waiting for him and the smiling mom of our eight-year-old hero hands over that precious, precious letter to him.

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67 reviews for Alif

  1. Luqman Hikmat

    When it will release ??? Confirm date ??

    • UA Books

      It will start in Audio on from First week of August and in Khawateen Digest in August,

  2. Umair Tahsin

    Audio novel is audio drama?! Is audio copied from drama?!

    • UA Books

      its narration of the novel not drama

  3. soha noor

    Umera Ahmad’s novel are very informative and interested . I am very excited for alif novel

    • UA Books

      Thanks Soha stay connected

  4. Tooba

    I am very excited for this novel alif💖💖💖😍

    • UA Books

      Thanks we too are..did you like the audio book ?

  5. Atiqa

    Kaya hm parh ni skty hain ise??

    • UA Books

      Ji kal parh sakein gay Insha Allah

  6. Tooba

    Excited to read this novel alif😍😍💖

  7. Aliya Aamir


  8. Imran Patel

    Reading is more interesting than listening. From When can we read this novel?

    • UA Books

      You can now read it …happy reading

  9. Maleeha

    Its awesome im very happy to read alif

    • UA Books

      Thanks Maleeha, please do share as well

  10. UA Books


  11. Fiza

    Ladki ki awaz bohot zada achi hai. 👌👌💕💕

    • UA Books


  12. Fiza khalid

    Larki ki awaaz bohot achi hai. 👌👌💕💕

    • UA Books

      Thanks alot

  13. Sabah

    It’s very very Nice NoveL Love it…keep it up dear May ALLAH bleSss YOUu…👍😍

    • UA Books

      Thankyou Saba

  14. Shanzay

    SPEECHLESS 💫 I’m a huge fan of umera ahmad, just finished AbeHayat and I wish I could tell her how I lived all those years with the characters 💯 does she read these comments?

    • UA Books

      Yes she does read these comments. BIG THANKS

  15. wajiha

    wao next KB aahy gi episode

    • UA Books

      Aaj Insha Allah

  16. qirat

    love to read this novel

  17. Luqman Hikmat

    Part 3 is same to part 2 why??

    • UA Books


  18. Luqman Hikmat

    Part 3 aur part 2 to aik jeisi hein

    • UA Books

      Please share details

  19. Sonia

    Me want to read it
    From where i can read
    Kindly link plz
    I didn find where is happy reading on this page?

  20. Saqib

    Pura novel kb available hoga?

  21. Ak

    Online Urdu reading ka option nh a rha, Bs audio hi aa raha h

  22. Wali

    Excellent start….2nd episode kb aaey gi…???

  23. Wali

    Huge fan of UA …………….Excellent start as expected….2nd episode kb aaey gi…???

    • UA Books

      Kuch din main ajaye gi

  24. Chaudry Zain Abbas

    Amazing novel perfect jesa readers chahty thy love this plz tell next ep kb aye gi???

  25. HH

    When is 2nd episode coming?

  26. Sarim

    From where or from which site can I order this novel?? Help plz

    • UA Books

      You will be able to order it here
      in some days

  27. Khan


    Eagerly waiting for the second episode. Any release date yet?

    • UA Books

      it will be available in first week of September


    Ma sha Allah amazing STARTING….as usual..

    • UA Books

      Thanks Aliya

  29. zill e mehak

    voices are pretty was fantastic

    • UA Books

      Thank you so much, episode 2 is on its way

  30. Najma Khan

    [email protected]
    Excellent, as usual ,

    • UA Books

      Thanks Najma

  31. Kiran

    Aah momina sultan is an interesting character it is like an onion will reveal episode by episode, Qalbe momin is an strong character , after Salar it would be the second Mesmerising character by Umera

  32. Kiran


  33. Kiran


  34. Maham Ansari

    My Mama and I absolutely love your novels and dramas and have followed you since so long. Alif I am sure is another masterpiece in making and we love the first episode. Can’t wait for the second one. When will it come?

    • UA Books

      Thanks alot, epiaode 2 will be released today

  35. Maham Ansari

    I have just finished the first part of episode 2 but it was available on audio only. The second part is not opening as audio or in reading as well. Please send me the link for both the parts of episode 2 in Urdu. The first part was absolutely amazing!!!

  36. Nisa

    Episode 2 ki online reading kaisy ho skti hy? Sirf part 1 available hy. Baki k 3 parts kahan hain??

    • UA Books

      Baqi 3 parte graduly uoad ho rahe hain

  37. Kiran

    Episode 02 is really very revealing , its good to read the facts about Qalbe Momin in such a short time,

  38. Suhana Rehan

    Hello I want to know when will the drama be aired.

  39. Maham Ansari

    Hello I want to know when will the drama be aired.

  40. Maham Ansari

    Hello I want to know when will the drama be aired?

  41. Raji

    Hi! i really liked the way Alif flows, learning the language! as the characters take me on a journey!
    when is the 3rd episode coming whats the scedule like….

  42. SArnab

    amazing stroy line. could you please update the 3rd episode cant wait it to read…

  43. JeenaSherry

    When this novel will be published in English???

  44. Ushna

    After this much much and much love UA she again stole the show and still doing it. After Salar, Qalb e momin is a strong character too I really wanna appreciate her the way she produce bad boys and true them into good. Can’t wait for upcoming episodes.

  45. Salma Adnan

    Can’t wait for the 3rd episode 😍

  46. Kiran

    Episode 03 flows slow but interesting, I am waiting for Momina & Qalbe Momin scenes , both of them are really strong persnolities & their dialouges are really good

  47. Noor (verified owner)

    I ordered the book few days ago,when will I get it

    • UA Books

      You ordered ALIF which is not yet released, the pre booking will start from last week november and you will be able to order it then

  48. rabia magsi

    love u umera

  49. laiba

    aoa this novel is too good waitng excitedly for next episodes plz tell me when ep 5 will come???

  50. Omar

    Hi, how many episodes are there in total? and where can i buy the complete novel, if its completely published.

    • UA Books

      it will be out in book form in February Insha Allah, we will start prebookings in January

  51. Faree

    Hi want to know pre booking for Alif is started or not and are you guys taking orders.

    • UA Books

      we will start pre booking in January Insha Allah

  52. Maham Ansari

    Can’t wait for episode 5 😍 How many episodes are there in total?

    • UA Books

      hope you like it

  53. Saira Ansari

    Loved this episode of Alif!!! How many episodes of Alif are left?

    • UA Books

      any guesses?

  54. Sohail Farooq

    ALLAH PAK bless you. A good site and best management. Episode 6 kb aye gi.

  55. Sara Azhar

    How many episodes of Alif are left?

  56. Sohail Farooq

    Good novel. Umera Ahmad k novel dur e shehwar or wahood e laraib kahan sy mily gain plz tell me.

  57. Ayesha

    Episode 6 in writen form?
    Kindly share link

  58. Noman Ejaz

    When the episode 7 will be uploaded??

    • UA Books

      its available now

  59. Faree

    Is it available and how can i order this book. Cash on delivery is available or not and how many days will it take to deliver.

  60. Nomsom

    Bht acha novel he hamesha ki terha.. 10th episode kab tk aaigi??

  61. Madiha

    Kya ye novel mukammal published hai? If it is then How can i order it?

  62. chamman farooq

    after a long pause story is getting the characteristic grip that umera used to have from the begining

  63. Nusrat Khan

    i want to read online full novel ,if needs subscription

  64. Fraz

    Ep 10 ke baad ki episode bhi hain?

    • UA Books (verified owner)


  65. Sadia

    Amazing story hai. Ishq e khuda ka wo sakun jo dunya ki rangini chin ly to phr kesa lagta hai ye taha he janta ho ga……

  66. M Yousuf Soomro

    the published 12 episodes complete novel or these are some pieces from original novel?

  67. Will

    can i buy this from you in mp3 format so i can listen on my mp3 player???

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